Project 2.0

Help us support the fight against PTSD symptoms, depression, self-medication, and alcohol and substance abuse by our Special Forces veterans, while providing personal and professional development services that enable them towards their goal of a new version of themselves,  "You 2.0".
Two years ago, we conduct an experiment with a few friends who had spent time in an Army Ranger unit, who had been exhibiting obvious signs of PTSD and all the subsequent effects. We provided them with a bicycle and the commitment of competing in an Ironman event. Over the course of two years, we are happy to report success in PTSD management with over five Rangers, helping them replace one set of addictions for another - training and triathlons. Based on the success with our small test group, we have decided to go national with our program. Our first public release will be Ironman Lake Placid in July 2019, with upcoming stories featured in a summer/fall issue of Triathlon Magazine.  
We have now opened up the doors for others (and not just for veterans who served in a special forces capacity) to join the group fitness athletic program, and widened the program offerings to include personal and professional development assistance. The next step after managing the PTSD symptoms is keeping veterans on their road to success of personal development, and answering the questions "What's next for me?" and "Now what?" in both a personal and business aspect.
We would like to thank our partners Ventum Racing, the official global bike partner of Ironman, for generously providing bicycles to our riders and to Arnicare, who are the creators of some very effective homeopathic pain relievers that help our athletes continue to train and race.
Thank you also to Triathlete Magazine and their coverage of the participants. 
Visit the Project2.0 Website or contact us for more information.