About Us


We know what you’re thinking, another new bike "industry” company. Another product to saturate an over-saturated market. Who are these guys?‍‍‍

Well, we have had some skin in the game for quite some time. We have been building wheels for the last nine years - formerly known as Inertia Racing Technology or iRT Wheels.  

We have always loved building wheels but just felt like something was missing. There was something missing in the equation of who we were and where we were going. It turns out that the missing piece was in front of us the entire time, and it was in our name: Inertia Racing TECHNOLOGY. We were missing the "technology".

A few years ago, we came up with an idea – a hub, which wasn’t so unique in design but unique in application. We spent countless hours going over various design concepts, feasibility, and materials. We produced many prototypes, each one going through several evolutions. In this process, we learned that our design solved a few consumer issues, including saving a significant amount of money in both the short and long term. We came up with something practical. We came up with something that empowers consumers, and removes their dependence on elaborate tools that would be impractical to carry in a jersey pocket.

When we had a beneficial design that met consumers' needs, it was time to make changes to our business model. We decided to step aside from the field of carbon wheels and move into the arena of hubs. Enter Two Point Zero, USA. Unlike our previous brand name, there is something significant about this one, "2.0" - the new beginning. With that, we and the staff at Two Point Zero, USA would like to introduce to you our first innovative product, The Raven Hub System.

Keep in mind, we didn’t reinvent the hub. We reinvented the application.